Thursday, December 22, 2005

still striking hot

he's still stuck in that mess and i am here. with all these kids. and a cell phone that works when it wants to.

going to check out LA tonite. hair braiding will have to wait.

writing since early this morning. that's what the hell you get when you come to a place that's 3 hours behind your regularly scheduled program. so i get up at the crack of dawn. and listen to kids fart for fun.

huff -- this is really fun in a nother lifetime. but not when you are under deadline. book: almost done. have to have a first print ready for editor by jan 3rd. only 9 stories to go. lol

or not.

still flying to denver to record the album. that's become worrisome too. i thought i wanted to name it: something beauitful. then i changed my mind. then i liked: black is the color of woman (love bell hooks). and he said that was wack. now im looking at: harsh language.

geez, i dont know what to do. what do you think?

the pressure...


poetesscrystal said...

enjoy this time with your family, girl. drama and all. I wish my Mom was here instead of nashville, because now I will spend my first christmas in my entire LIFE without her! With all the drama she and I have been through, I miss her terribly..

I am cleaning, just finished giving my dog her bath and she was fighting the heat coming from the heater in the living room. She is such as weirdo. I am done shopping but I always feel guilty if my son has less than 10 things to open...not realizing that monday morning will come and he will STILL have his preteen attitude and I will still be screaming at him to pick up his things...:-)


I did get a brand new digital camera though from corey, and I will be picking up asha's book as a gift to myself. Cant really think of anything else, because I have everything I could possibly need.

Be glad youre in the cali sun :-)

Mahogany L. Browne said...