Saturday, December 17, 2005

feelin' real domestix

well, almost. i decided to get the oven fixed so i can make cakes and cookies.


he don't believe me. i guess he forgot how gangsta i can be.

ok. truth be told - he is the cook of the family. but i can make solid meals.

not a lot of variety - but you get what i'm saying. ain't nobody starving, dammit.

anyway, the rain washed away most of the snow, so i'm really digging that! :)

gotta finish off the melvin van peebles article.

and re-learning lines for the voice over session on monday.

word is there might still be a strike... so not prepared for that one, yo.

new addiction: or for music

yea i know what you're thinking. and the answer is -- so what, dammit. i've had the account since October with no pics or nothing. then i decided to update it with the mp3's cause i was tired of re-sending the joints (in hopes that my own website) would be operable! no such luck. and i only have faith in a few things. sooo - that said. i'm over there. but my heart will always be with you. the well read, opinionated, open-minded readers that you are.

love: got the book Ai's vice in the mail. as well as Asha Bandele's Subtle Art of Breathing.
yea, i know -- who's fukn wit dat?!

fa real


taylor said...

Thats whats up!

Dez said...

Hey cuz, didn't know you were on myspace, i added ya, see you in a few days, miss ya.