Thursday, February 09, 2006


remind me

to talk about the lil cow that disrespected her fiancee on real world ("the ring he got me was horrendous. horrible. ohmigod!") i'm thinking -- CHICK! atleast he proposed to yo monkey ass! he could've stayed with you for 8 years, got you to co-sign on his car, knock you up -- then decide that you and he weren't as connected as he and his music, his mother, his first soul mate... feel me?

the beef that is poetry. i mean, really. people are trying to turn this into hip hop. and it's disgusting. because not only are the people beefin' with each other - not as good as the hip hop artists that have spats -- but they very well may be doing it simply for the attention they would never have received (due to the caliber of their poetry) in the first place. "beef is hypothetical" says freddie foxx during an interview 6 years ago. "you wanna know how the fight went, is the real question". and that's what it comes down to. besides - how do you prepare a BATTLE POEM. every other stanza is about the hate, wha? i thought this artform was about something else - i mean. really

that's all for now... i gotta class to teach.

bklyn back in a minute

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