Tuesday, February 28, 2006


boondocks, a no go for mo

i decided. i cant watch it. i tried. and while i loved the joint about the itis and martin luther coming back and being disappointed, there are too many negatives that outweight the positives.

and everyone tells me im wrong. that it's irony and "yadda yadda yadda". but im thinking, atleast in the comic strip HUEY was the conscious of the strip. now they have him saying "ho" and "Nigga" with the lil cousin. i appreciate mcgruder for getting a gig - lord knows i do - but hip hop already started the destruction of blackness with the promotion of the "N" word and now, here we are - reintroducing it to cartoons. remember the black crows and yosemite sam and all those other looney tunes that were pulled for its racist antidotes? how does boondocks differ from that?

and i know what you are thinking "but you LOVE south park" -- but south park talks about EVERYONE, there is always a sound mind saying "shut up cartman. that's stupid you racist jerk" and then the cheesy but TRUE moral ending. boondocks doesnt offer that. it takes the one person with some sense and makes him just as bad as the lil' cousin that doesn't mean "nigga in a disrespectful way".

which leads me to believe, the broadcast of this show, with the hold it has on adult swim viewers, will only make easier for that word to be resurrected. i mean, they call each other Nigga in Japan. it has an entire series dedicated to the mother, father, grandfather, son and daughter waking up and instead of saying "HELLO" they yell "NIGGGGA".

but recently, a teacher trying to prove a point, repeats "can i get a pencil, nigga" and he's fired! he explained, "i wanted to show the irony" but how different is this thinking than what the tv show is encouraging. and he's suspended without pay. even though teachers and school officials allow the students to yell this to each other at the top of their lungs in the hallway, the lunchroom and the classroom. i have seen it with my own eyes.

so when my 8 year old, said the word after hanging out with her cousins, i freaked. but i didn't wild out like i thought i would. i just cried. i could feel the deceased turning over in the ocean with each syllable. and that's the beginning of the end. they desensitize us. put it in our music, our drinks, our everyday life. teach our children that if the cartoons say it - then it aint that bad. stir and wait.

and yea, the BOONDOCKS is not for child consumption - but neither are the posterboards and the commercials. nevermind the adults who watch it and repeat it around kids and at kids. racism has no age discrimination, trust me, N I G G A.

there are times in my life when i felt like a nigga. many times when i felt like a nigga bitch. and this is one of them.


BigSleep666 said...

"i could feel the deceased turning over in the ocean with each syllable." took my breath away.

To add to your frustrations, Damon Wayans is trying to trademark the word "Nigga" so he can start a Nigga clothing line.

Mahogany L. Browne said...

yea, i read about that earlier. it was denied, though - i can only hope he was using it for silver screen irony... but then - once u create a beast - u can't be mad that it grows...

taylor said...

"racism has no age discrimination, trust me, N I G G A."

Girl you bettah write! 'Cause you ain't neva lied