Tuesday, February 14, 2006


investigation: 00718

different things. really quick

why are quickies called quickies? i mean, aren't they just as satisfying as the long-ez?

poetry biters are still wierd.

poetry beef is still stoopid!

ok - enough with the poetry, raise your hand if you hate SNOW! (not talking to those tucked away in the beautiful land that is california).

when's the last time u kissed someone so long your lips got chapped? and dont you miss that? that's that middle school type of loving!

judging amy is really really cool. but her mother is even cooler.

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MzHumminbyrd said...

Great Interview Mo....I hate the pee a pee thingy too...hell i b*tch up and cry everytime...lol

When is your next trip to Texas gonna be?