Monday, February 06, 2006

When I Was a Yung'n

When I Was a Yung'n

I globetrotted from one side of the earth -- to New York City.
I partied in the Hamptons @ Puffy's Mansion
I sat across from Timbaland and Aaliyah
I shared a table with Stickey Fingaz
I planned events with D-Nice
I was threatened by Fredro Starr during an interview
I bonded friendships with Free
I spoke of art with Andre 3000
I was propositioned by Luke Campbell's "head ho coordinator"
I offended Bilal
Baby Williams offended me
Juvie introduced me to Magnolia projects
I watched Jay-Z perform along with the Roc-a-fella family
I laughed with Method Man & Redman
I was confused by Raekwon
I ran into Dame Dash
I smelled Cam'Ron's ideas
I was duped by Tyrese
I danced on stage with MC Hammer
I ran into Mos Def and his parents
I mosh'd pit with MOP
I was dissed by Common
I listened intently to Funk Master Flex
I braided Tech's hair
I fell in love with Jill Scott
I laughed loudly with Pharoah Monch

and now, I find the biggest thrill in assembling my ikea shelves and putting my house in order. I've swept 3 times. I have 8 bags of garbage and 2 bags of old clothes to rid of before I even start with my shoes... I have about 60 pairs. But I can see the desk again. And I don't know why it feels so good -- but, at this moment. It really does

bklyn achieving

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