Tuesday, February 28, 2006


stomachs can be tricky. i am glad to be back to normal. i really want a bagel - but i dont want to walk in the cold to get it :(

i should stop being lazy. but this is my only other day off before i teach tomorrow (double workshops then hosting the southpaw) breathe

i am running out of reasons to stay still. unless im sick, im running myself ragged. and i finally figured it out. i think that im damn near a failure if every minute of my day isnt accounted for. i have triple booked myself and thought "i can do this".
this must be a condition. i have to look it up.

today, is my last day off before i head back to the grindstone. we have only 2 weeks to move these tickets for the women's show -- but the line up is so sick, im sure the tickets will sale themselves. but until they do: im hitting the pavement, making these ideas manifest into reality - cause no one controls my destiny but me...

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