Thursday, February 09, 2006



internet: 2 - 6 hours, after writing and editing :) niiiiice

grudges: 0 - and i've been really good at keeping it that way! found out about a couple of persons speaking of me with rock tongues and it's cool. i mean, really. like 50 said - "i need you to hate me. it fuels me!"

happiness: so far so good. two of the teachers i that work with (two different sites) tried their hardest to extend my class schedules with them, all because they didnt want to see me leave their class. and guess what -- iT WOrkED! but what's huge is, they were both so supportive in my work with the kids and so gracious -- it made me smile all day :) sweeet

writing: didn't i tell you i was on it like WHITE on RICE? BLACK on COAL? WET on WATER?! what! i'm feeling real good about the latest writings. its coming together quite nicely.

TV: ok. wire is every tues and thurs. and i haven't been watching all the reality tv that i like -- but most of it :)

flavor of love
beauty and the geek
american idol

whatever. i like it -- so there :)

feng shui: cleaned my house. my shelves are beautiful. my books are neatly stacked and my cd's have been stored under the bed. i mean, 5000 cd's get to collecting dust...

bklyn pride

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