Friday, February 03, 2006



atleast not for the 8 year old. i thought, being the new millennium parent that i am, if i watched it with her. explained the ish going on -- it would be cool. the same way we are at a poetry event.

scene 1 (poetry slam)
amari: why is he cursing mommy?
mom: he's acting out and wants to get a whooping.
amari: oooh. i knew it. his mom is going to be so disappointed!

scene 2 (driving while listening to keisha cole)
amari: mommy, why did she say i should've cheated?
mom: because he accused her of being a sneak, when he was really the sneak.
amari: but she said cheated.
mom: same thing.
amari: really?
mom: sorta
amari: i don't get it.
mom: turn the channel

scene 3 (watching america's next top model - the limo scene where the model gets told she's pretty then lip attacks or kisses the lesbian)
amari: what is she thinking?
mom: she's just happy that girl said she was pretty. i dont think she understands what she's doing.
amari: she needs to stop actin' out and focus
mom: focus on what?
amari: on her job.

see. these are normal conversations, right? but then this morning she woke with a start. she said "i had a really bad dream. someone was trying to hurt me and i told the cops and we got him in trouble". there goes the law n order marathons... i mean. damn. i can't have the kid waking up with nightmares. but she's such a trooper. i walked her to school and we are talkin about dreams and what makes them important (mom: maybe that's a reminder of how to be brave if someone tries to bother you? amari: i remember. scream kick and run. mom: do you do that in your dream? amari: i tried. but i was scared. mom: its ok to be scared. but you are a smart girl. you can still think while you are scared, right? amari: you think im smart? mom: absolutely.) and we also talk about what they really are.

scene 3 (amari at school)
amari: dont worry mom. i know dreams are not real. but - if they were, what would you do?
mom: i would have to hurt someone really bad. and then JP would get them.
amari: i know huh!? (laughing) now that would be a bad dream for them.

vigilante-ism ain't so bad...

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thir13teenandtheysayitain'tlucky said...

I absolutely love this post. I could not pick my favorite. It reminds me of my sister and my niece. I am often in awe of how my family disguised as friends interact with and rear their children. It's refreshing to get the upside parenting and not have to focus or continously hear about the lack of parenting and it's negative impact upon society. I will say it again... I will pick up a newspaper and see your daughter expanding on your accomplishments and teachings. You three are _____ to have each other. And if I weren't your friend I'd be green with envy....

CousinSarah said...

This is a great post Mo.

Some of the conversations we get to have with our babies as they grow up allow us growth too huh? and order is my fav show too so when the music or the dunh dunh sound comes on J's like "Oh MOM, better come see law and order." :) Yeah we cant let him watch it yet...he is only 5 and one time accidently caught an ending to CSI where these kids were playin and decided it would be fun for one of them to ride inthe dryer and he of course dies. J had convo's with random people about the kid in the dryer.

I will have to use that you can still think when your scared sentance. It is really good to say that so simply. It worries me that his growin up on a college campus (in addition to his normal disposition) makes him so friendly. That can be scary.

Thanks for the mommy laughs...great post. :)