Wednesday, September 07, 2005

5 things that i love about bklyn

i. you can always count on the touch football gang that the kids are having outside your front door. and you can always bet that they will miss a catch and it land atop your hooptie.

ii. the trains smell like freedom. freedom. and piss and body odor. but the idea -- that the freedom from that hell will release you upon your stop is truly, ahem, refreshing.

iii. people can be mean as hell. but atleast you know what the hell they think of you ahead of time!

iv. you can actually eat anything in the world -- right here in the biggest borough (people wise). cheesecake - juniors, french toast - mike's, beef patty - golden krust, chicken wings & fries - any chinese food spot on any corner, bbq beef ribs - soul food kitchen, pechuga de pollo al ajillo (garlic chicken dammit) - clinton (well thats right outside of bklyn, but im claiming it dammit!

v. the bootleg dude can be found at your flatbush intersection or the hair shop. that's right 3 cd's for 5 bucks! what? question is - do you carry mahogany browne's album? lol

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