Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Kanye West dropped from PEPSI

Kanye West, former spokesperson for Pepsi, has since
lost his endorsement deal with the soft drink giant
due to his publicized remarks regarding the
mishandling of the Katrina evacuees/victims. I mean
if you're like me...just SICK and TIRED of being black
in America and being mishandled, then do something.
Our parents and their parent's SHUT DOWN an entire bus
system during the Civil Rights era by CHOOSING to do
something. Here is your opportunity.

I'm calling a boycott on ALL Pepsi pr oducts. If they
want to drop Kanye, how about we DROP them! And as
much as I love a good Pepsi and a bag of Fritos, I'm
not buying another Pepsi including any of their family
products (see link below) until a formal apology is
given and a donation is rendered to the Red Cross (or
a similar organization) in the sum of the amount o
Kanye's contract with Pepsi.

If you're committed to doing something to tell not
just Pepsi but the world
(including the Associated Press for that racist
caption) that there is
power in the Black community, then pass this along.
Because there's POWER
in numbers.


Shondell Towns- Boycott Organizer

Pepsi Products:

Pepsi/Frito Lay/Gatorade/Tropicana/Quaker


Anonymous said...


This was just a rumor.

Anonymous said...

All Hip Hop confirms that the rumor that Pepsi has dropped Kanye is false: