Friday, September 23, 2005

so i leave for overseas in less than a week.

i will be touring manchester, london, oxford and visiting PARIS as a gift to myself.
looking forward to it. just trying to figure out how to bring the maximum strength tylenol (big case) with having customs bug out over me. maybe just throw open my mouth so they can see the absess? hmm. who knows

i will be staying with my co-author of a book of poems (released next year exclusively in the UK) agnes, she is dope. and strong. and beautiful and write her BRITISH ASS OFF! check out her book WOMAN ( it is one of my favorites!

and i will get to see our friends in Oxford and Manchester. i realized last year (when i was trying to move there for a year) that while i could've endured the bad food ratio, i couldn't do it for too long. i still will look for a chateau to rent in Paris. that is my dream. to find a beautiful space for the summer, take amari, give her a crash course in language and people -- write a body of work that is fukn amazing and come home to the busy hustle and bustle, with a newfound undertstanding of me.

all that said. i need:
batteries (for the digi camera)
heat pad for the ankles
soap(stole it from the hotel already... nice!)
naked & bliss (books to read on the long coach rides

otherwise, the tour is looking pretty good. i have 5 shows at the 4 different big theatres (seating 300 and over) and a couple of days off. which is unusual for me. when i go overseas, i try to work everyday (if not two gigs a night). last october i went and worked 28 days out of 31. when i wasnt working, (which obviously wasnt often) i was on a coach headed to my destination. and i was double-booked on some nights! believe me, i forgot my name during that stint. so i decided, i will try the tourist role (thought i hate spending money when im working) and visit PARIS as i promised myself years ago. take in a broadway show (i wanna see where the bolly show really started) and hopefully get back before they cut off the cable. that reinstalltion fee sucks.


princessdominique said...

oooo this is my first visit to your blog but i am also planning a paris trip as a gift to myself. i'll be eager to hear about your adventures!

Mahogany L. Browne said...

definitely! let me know when u are headed that way as well!