Thursday, October 13, 2005

margaret atwood, is the shyt... GASP - GULP - SIGH

We are hard on each other
and call it honesty,
choosing our jagged truths
with care and aiming them across
the neutral table.

The things we say are
true; it is our crooked
aims, our choices
turn them criminal.

Of course your lies
are more amusing:
you make them new each time.

Your truths, painful and boring
repeat themselves over & over
perhaps because you own
so few of them

A truth should exist,
it should not be used
like this. If I love you

is that a fact or a weapon?


Relentless said...

I have alot of respect for the way you write. I think you have an incredible sense of syntax. Be safe over there

Mahogany L. Browne said...

this isnt my writing, sweetie. this is margaret attewood. by i thank you for the respect!

Anonymous said...

You really are a great writer, Mahogany, or Margaret or whoever.

We need you with the "Dr Condoleezza Rice for President of the United States in 2008" movement.

Before you decide, click my name that you know where we are now, and why we need YOU!

Thanks, Don...

Anonymous said...

margaret attewood is so right. i'm feelin this sh*t like my favorite sweat pants when it's raining out. thanks for exposin me to this one, Mo.