Thursday, October 13, 2005

one more day - london part 11

yesterday started off a bit slow. i was able to reach my london pal kimberely and we caught up on old times. she has an incredible book which i continue to use in my class. both of us homesick, we managed to make the phone connection work in our favor, trading american phrases and laughing at the politics (and groupies) of poetry.

later i prepared myself for the poetry cafe where i would be featured with a funny lady named aiofe and the publisher of sable magazine, khadija. ebele kept her promise and strolled in the room like the beauty that she is! full of smiles and hugs and warmth. anna also surprised us, as she is recovering from an operation on her foot - but the production of her new album made me smile, as i remembered thinking her voice as beautiful as a hummingbird.

the womens show last nite was fun

it went like this:

talking about men

talking about love

joking in the middle of the silence

having fun

drinking coffee and coca-cola

walking the covent garden

drooling over shoes

forgetting about men -- for small moments

laughing until we fell over each other

snapping pictures for the fun of flash

saying farewell like we may never run into each other again

boarding a bus to farringdon

catching the chinese food spot right before closing

last show: borders @ the ANGEL

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