Tuesday, October 17, 2006

the things that happen


confusion. sets in.
and now i dont know what to think
where to turn
how to feel

it just know it doesnt make sense
doesnt seem fair

the work thrown in to this idea
this legacy -- it happened willingly

and now, i dont know so much

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

lets die out loud

smash our heads into the concrete like cymbals

raise our knees and flail our arms like children gone wild on too much sugar

scream from our guts, coarse and ugly , let the poison rush out our mouths like a black storm

Give your hell a name, curse it, spitfire your fury, dont go quietly

No more silent tears, head buried in a pillow, pain in the middle, unable to walk upright, holding on for steady, kneeling in submission, crawling in grief.

if i must die let me not go quietly, let me tear this flesh to pieces, rip open my chest cavity and parade the wound. claim my destruction. Let it be known i didn't die without reason, without just cause.

Let me take it in my hands and hold it up to you so you can see - this is what killed me.