Monday, February 26, 2007

when to beleive in yourself (in parts) .4

say you aren't in love

not even close

more of a deep like, newfound love for self --

where do you go...when he finds your spot in the back

low lit bedroom, a mere backhouse attached to front sprawling property...

maybe, he hasn't "found" your spot, per se

but definitely, made your core warmer than it was when you broke up

with your first love last month.

more room temperature than you've felt ever since you found his heart cradled between her ice cold fingertips

the god's are not as crazy as you think

there is always a divine reason,

the sunshine is glaring because your destiny manifested a new day just like this one

but you'll never see it

he has you sprawled over, ass up

inviting an unfamiliar touch

until you feel like you are worth more than the pale

white blinding burn that's molested your inner child, since the 4th grade

a place you've never missed

but always called home

so you suck it in, bend over

squat and thurst until you've come

into a new



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