Tuesday, February 20, 2007

when to believe in yourself (in parts) .2

when in doubt, follow him home

two cars behind

just in case you change your mind

and want to retreat back to your safe haven

of self

think: home or sex

neither occupy the same space, these days

so you trail mr. whoever

wondering if he really will cook you waffles, as promised

or throw you down and do to you what the movies say

men really want to do to you

or will he lay you softly --and do to you,

what you've been waiting for every man

you've ever met to do before him

a high standard for a species of visualist

and you've gambled for higher stakes

still, you don't care of the pounding in your chest

when your final escape smiles in the sign of a freeway


you ignore the shake of your left hand

daring to press blinker signal alive

your insides run cold with consideration for an early return to your blueprint of silence

part II

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