Tuesday, May 01, 2007

daddy...daddy. daddy. hi daddy!!

you gotta love kids.

im sitting here, ohio waiting for my host to be done on the computer.

there is a baby yelling "hi daddy. hi daddy, daddy!? daddy!? daddY!"

saw scott woods, psi president, when i came to the library. as usual, he's too cool for school.

dropped my daughter off @ early this morning. but not before she ran back upstairs because she forgot her homework. then back down cause she remembered she did INDEED have her homework. but after she left her homework book the car seat - YES! this is my life on any given day. when i have to make it to Laguardia Airport in less than 30 minutes to assure my delayed plane, won't leave me. and YES. this all happens after my cd duplicator, JAMAL, tells me to come pick up my cd's - and when i get there, he confesses he didnt have the master copy and can i bring it back. that's a NO jamal... fa realz. but i get here. and i slept on the lil' jet, like i wasn't scrunching up all these thighs into a seat that probably fit my smaller than myself (in 8th grade).

i wrote my thank you letter last nite. my gratitude list. and feel happy. i ate steak and cheddar cheese eggs in Ohio, 'cause i could. how many people can do that? i am blessed. just like the baby screaming for her father in the middle of the deadliest of silent libraries. tucked in her carseat. prideful over the joy of knowing her daddy's face.

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