Saturday, May 05, 2007

preferences: a quiz

smurf or pacman (the dance): smurf is the shyt. chicken noodle soup ain't got NUFFIN on the smurf!

breasts or thighs: breasts. breasts are always on top!

dry humping or finger exploration: do i look like an 8th grader to you?

MOP mosh pit or Drum n Bass boogie-a-thon: why can't there be both?

holding hands in public or kissing in public: holding hands. and kissing behind doorways, of course!

myspace top 8 or cellphone top 8: myspace, obviously!

boondocks or aquateenhunger force: ATF muthaF'ERS!... i know, i know: i should love the cartoon by blacks attempting to correct the state of our current blackness by calling out to everyone as N****A... however. we arent the only ones watching it. and most of those people didnt get the memo: "this is a satire. insert laugh here." they are just chuckling because black people cartoons calling the rest of the world the n word is like, freek'n awesome!

katt williams or mike epps: katt williams. minus the N word usage to the fullest degree, he is one funny muthasucka!

napoleon dynamite or...: WhATevER! there is no or when it comes to mr dynamite!

oprah or ellen: i mean really. oprah - i love u porgy. but ellen dances! and she's funny. i'll just keep buying that stupid oprah book that you are on the covere of, every month. i love u oprah. i swear i do - but if you ain't throwing hip hop under the bus, you are boring as hell!

man's hands or feet: both. i like nice feet. and i love clean (not manicured) hands.

first date kiss or fourth date sex: definitely 1st date kiss. sex has no time limit. but its real doubtful. especially in the land of new york city!

will smith & jada pinkett smith or courtney vance & angela bassett: why not both? i like flyy black love. it makes me believe in shyt.

religion or spirtuality: spirtituality. my god and me get a long great. its your judgements that be fuk'n up the translation!

mind f*ck or titty f*ck: well i'm a writer. so i guess i'm full of mind f*ckin' now aren't i?

tag: all of u'z! dammit.

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