Wednesday, May 09, 2007

my list of nothingness...

Inspired by the bass…

1. I watch a lot of movies.
2. They rarely have much to do with my life. Maybe that’s why I watch them?
3. I hope this diet is working. Cause me going to the gym on a regular basis, isn’t.
4. why does myspace have me so hooked?
5. I can tell when you haven’t responded to my message. And that bothers me.
6. Is that too high school or am I having a complete breakdown?
7. I love my hair. I didn’t like it when I had the vigiro touch up and the bossy cut –
8. But now. I think it looks quite fetching (I can say it in a sentence FA, ca you?)
9. I remember the feeling of falling in love, it felt like summertime @ age 13.
10. Amari is getting too tall. I don’t know what I think about her hips either.
11. Amari has been commissioned to sing back up for a Buddy Wakefield concert. Courtesy of RAC being a lovebug of a chick-a-dee…
12. Is chick-a-dee even appropriate anymore?
13. Is chick-a-dee like Chick-fil-a
14. I miss Cali, they have Chick-fil-a
15. This is so much more fun than just writing a blog. Lists make it seem like you are thinking a lot!
16. It hides that fact that I’m so random, I guess…
17. I mean does it?
18. Sandbloom. That’s all.
19. Tamara letting me stay with her while I’m in Cali is so bomb. I mean. I have family. But if I’m working, then I really shouldn’t stay with family, cause they are crazy and will have me missing shows again – and then what will I have to say for myself.
20. Sorry Shihan. I remember missing that show, that was pretty wack of me. So wack that if someone misses a show, like I did to you, then I try to listen to them.
21. I don’t know if that’s working, though.
22. Bassey should be back in Brooklyn.
23. No seriously.
24. The movie junebug, some indie flick, is incredibly slow.
25. It reminds me that I am not ever going to be Julia Roberts or any of those cute white girls that gets courted in movies.
26. I mean, I don’t want to be white. I just want to be the lead role in the freek’n movie.
27. Halle was a getting busy with Billy Bob in the movie and she got with the lead role.
28. But they had to kill her son and call her all type of n-words.
29. I don’t think I want the lead role anymore.
30. Maybe just a supporting role, like Regina King in Jerry Maguire.
31. GOD! I love Jerry Maguire.
32. Just counted my books. I have over 600.
33. Well I didn’t really count. I just looked at the massive bookcase for a long time.
34. I may go to hell for lying to my mother, but seriously. She’s tripping.
35. Then what mother doesn’t trip? Right?
36. I just want my mother to have that grandmother scent about her.
37. Ya know. Cookies and collard grens. Warm house and hugs. Is that too much to ask for?
38. I’m going to go wash clothes with my favorite laundry woman, Ms. Della.
39. She reduces my homesickness. But I think I’ve run out of clothes to wash.
40. Maybe I can wash some extra towels or something…
41. I promised myself that I would only type a list of 50…
42. Even that at the moment seems too little.
43. I’m still searching for a place to move to. I’m going to send a mass email out to friends and listserves, then check craigslist again.
44. I love craigslist.
45. I’m thinking maybe Queens.
46. Besides, I found the Yugoslavian that sold me my love, the minvan, for only a G.
47. A house can’t be that hard.
48. But then I’ve been looking for over 3 years for a house and no luck.
49. Maybe since I’ve been watching the secret and thinking happy thoughts and shyt, it’ll work this time?
50. Might it not work cause I said “Shyt”?
51. Shyt!
52. I did it again.
53. And I’m willing to settle for a 2 bedroom as long as there ain’t no drug dealers on the actual corner.
54. I have to check with Christa and see if saying curse words reverses the positive reinforcement.
55. People can curse when they’re happy, right?
56. Look at sailors!
57. I’m currently reading this ChickLit that Bassey prescribed. It’s not as good as my girl Sophie Kinsella, and her Shopaholic series.
58. People are falling in love and hating each other from the first scene @ the stupid airport!
59. Don’t they know that goes against the SECRET!
60. So why are they allowed to “hate” and still get the happy ending?
61. Oh yea. It’s a fictional story. Don’t remind me.
62. Why are sailors known for cursing anyway?
63. Ok. I did mess up on my diet once. I had a donut for the first time in WEEKS yesterday.
64. And I seldom have coffee anymore.
65. Which is extremely hard, considering for my birthday, I received STARBUCKS GIFT CARDS.
66. In the movie Junebug, the pregnant chick is masturbating. This is disturbing.
67. Not that pregnant woman don’t deserve to get off. I’m just saying.
68. Oh god!
69. I love pregnant woman. They are more beautiful than the leading lady in all the movies: Pretty Woman, Jerry Maguire, Poetic Justice…
70. Seriously, Poetic Justice was great filmmaking!
71. I like the Shopgirl with Claire Danes and Steve Martin.
72. When she asked him “Why can’t you love me?”
73. Story of my freek’n life!
74. Oh god! I did it again, didn’t I?
75. I seriously need to check out the Secret again. The rules are totally confining to my personality of maladjusted normalcy.
76. Still watching Junebug. Just a note: Quiet SEX is AWESOME!
77. I’ve had my share, if you know what I’m saying…
78. Obviously, you know what I’m saying I just said it!
79. I hate when people say that. “Nahmean, Know what I’m saying”
80. I swear, people are going to unsubscribe to my blog because of this.
81. Dammit there goes that negative reinforcement again!
82. Holy crap, I’m way over my 50, aren’t I?
83. And cats that haven’t been spayed suck in the spring!
84. Is that cat spew, I smell?
85. I tried to read million little pieces, but it’s too depressing.
86. Just like that damn book FAT GIRL that Christa boasted about.
87. That was a bunch of crap.
88. Maybe if I wasn’t feeling fat when I read it – I would be enlightened.
89. Maybe.
90. I got new rugs I want to put out, but my stupid cats and that spewing ain’t gonna cut it!
91. I think I want a dog when we move. Like a bulldog.
92. Something ugly and short.
93. Ugly dogs are totally cute.
94. He says only when they’re puppies.
95. Like kids, I guess.
96. Except, kids aren’t ever puppies. Are they?
97. I have to find some incense. Mopping incessantly is killing my back.
98. Then that could be my ankle issue and all the limping I’ve been doing.
99. I really like words like “incessantly” or dilapidated.
100. But that’s an entirely different list to start, now isn’t it…
101. Wow. I guess. This is just proof that I need to write another list.
102. Maybe tomorrow?


Raquita said...

poetic justice was great film making - although the unedited version (which was only avalible on Lazer disc) was way better -
i have never said this out loud to anyone else...
i must like you .


I read everyday - even if I don't comment...

my coffee is always said...

i loved being in your head for a few minutes... it was cool as heck to find that someone races as quickly and as random as i do.... missing you a heck a lot... working nmy tail off... i did get the promotion and a bit more money though..