Tuesday, October 04, 2005

manchester, part 3

no long posts.
this was an alright show
the venue was gorgeous
the audience was even doper

the hotel bed was fabulous
and i rocked out like i just didnt get off a coach
freezing and all...

otherwise, things are good
here in oxford.

that's right
another long coach ride
made it all the way thru birmingham
where i had a short layover

though some man tried to take my bag
claiming it was his - i said, NO.
he came back by grabbing my arm
before his elder companion was like, OH I FOUND IT


im in a pissy mood. maybe it's because i havent eaten since yesterday

or maybe its the secrets... who knows


Anonymous said...

No he didn't grab your arm!!!? Does he still have his? (~_~)

my coffee is always said...

Live in the moment and experience ithe all for what they are.... they are one of a kind, never to return. Most will be wonderful, things you will never want to forget. Things to share with family and friends. Some fleeting, much to short, so savor them. Others, the painful ones will pass and teach us lessons, learn Sister... (I know I don't have to tell you that!!!) Have a wonderful time, I cannot wait to hear and read about them. I will always be here for you with the others....
You are beautiful!!! Miss you like ac in the texas heat....
live miK....

my coffee is always said...

Sorry for all the damn mispelled words, I am writing without glasses and a face full of soap before my presentation....