Friday, January 06, 2006

memoirs geisha style

reading the book.

wanna finish it before i see the movie.

resolutions are working themselves out.

internet: only 2 - 3 hours a day
writing: still not up to it. i have flushed out several story lines, but have yet to spring them on the keyboard.

bought the krump battles dvd. he laughed at me. it was a bit boring. not at all like the documentary. we ended up watching my new fav: roll bounce. too cute

still have yet to unpack. 4 bags. mostly clothes and bedspreads (what, ikea had a sale -- and that's something that you just can't pass up!) and i got the coolest present from him! yes -- it has to do with napoleon dynamite and tetherball! ha

workshop today. walk thru of loft this afternoon. then i promise. i will work on last couple of stories. editor is in a huff - but understandble so. thank goodness i can blame the lack of progress on the flu i hosted for the past week. sigh -- oh hell. he's reading this

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