Tuesday, January 17, 2006

sometimes u just ...

sometimes you just wanna

sleep. and look at internet. and daydream. i have so much on my plate that im afraid will forget to breath in the meantime. check it:

deposit new venue
create art journal for workshop #1
book guest speaker for workshop #3
mail pkgs to overseas & homr
invoice UW
submit app to PW
check penmanshipbooks.com web development status

wash clothes
ikea trip (again)
put up shelves (feng shui, remember)
book studio time for Feb w/Eska
i-pod set-up
Jam On It sponsorship letters
check in w/editor

gawd. i dont think i will have time to eat, or breath for that matter.

bklyn scheming...


Copasetic Soul said...

and thats what makes you a strong african-american queen!because you WILL do all that and find the time to eat, and breath....plus give advice to new jacks like myself!

Anonymous said...

I hear you on the "so much to do, why cant i clone myself" feeling MoBrowne. I feel like that just about everyday . . .often at work. When I do feel like that, I go to the bathroom (at work or anywhere), breath VURY VURY deeply and say a quick prayer . . .but i dare not get on my knees in those nasty a$$ bathrooms.

Keep on striving!

Anonymous said...

one breath at a time, one second in a beat,one day at time to give a smile that softens the world...
busy Queen bee,gettin all the honey...whats up...
just to let you know God, see, she really took 6 days to create the universe on the seventh, her ass was vacuming...hee hee
miss you..will see you when you least expect it...keep doing your thang, leave a little time to funk up a bathroom...i did not see that on your schedule!!!
much love and peace......ed