Sunday, February 12, 2006


from snow hell to soul heaven and back
Jam On The Open Mic featuring Eska, Femi, Troy, Taiwah, Jae & Olatuja was an incredible experience. Though Eska and friends were late by an hour (blame the cab driver for the scenic route) it was well worth the wait. She was so phenomenal, I watched people crying as they fawned and fell over her greatness. very sweet, indeed.

and the next day was crazy! i mean really. check the schedule:

9am - wake up
10am - wake up again
11am - drop off J and pick up amari and her god sister
11:10am - take linisha to the city
noon - take the girls to chuck e cheese
2pm - take the girls to african dance class
3pm - after NYC traffic, watch girls have fun with african paint (amari erased the pic)
4pm - drop off marielle, wait for amari to find her phone
5pm - crash in burn in bed

now today. it's a snow day. everything including my workshop and the slam summit meeting have been cancelled. think i want some breakfast now...

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