Monday, February 27, 2006

life as i know it -- or food poisoning in NYC

my stomach is twisting right now
earlier it was doing the harlem shake
and before the night is up - im sure we will be

i had take away from the bklyn moon. a spot famous for their anti-bush specials (5 dolla meals) and
where saul williams started spitting poetry.
where mos def once hosted and e Patrick (original host of the Def Poetry before it got picked up by Simmons and HBO) made home for poets on a budget. they deaded the poetry several years ago, leaving a gap wide open for poets uninterested in slamming at the nuyo. they also have the absolute best guava lemonade, which is only available whenever they feel like it being available -- which in turn drives the demand for it -- even more.

their curry potatoes are also heaven.

but this moment. where i chomp down pepto tablets like tic tic -- is hell. i've been staring at my red velvet cake from the famed bklyn "cakeman". and i cant even get a bite in without my stomach doing the tootsie roll.

maybe its my body saying we need a break from this weekend. it was hectic. or maybe - the salmon wasn't cooked right.

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