Monday, February 20, 2006

a wrap up

it's been a long time - well. 4 days to be exact. forgive me?

a bit of a wrap up - shall we?

friday: left bklyn@ 7 am on my way to milwaukee. the says it's gonna be 15 degrees, i grab the full length goose down. damnnn. after a lay over in detroit, i finally make it to milwaukee. taalam greets me at the curb with assistance and a black n mild. we are both billed along with a cat named PACO for the fudraiser that evening. i haven't eaten and it's almost 3pm. perkins is suggested and we walk in the snow, slowly, for a diner haven of sorts. it's good food. though i have to send back the chicken strip sandwich, as bacon slices has snuck in between my bread. no biggie. fill up on fries and hot chocolate before my plate returns and before we head back to our respective rooms. i sleep hard. but not until i take a bath. i miss baths. brooklyn isn't giving of this treatment. whatever

at 8pm, my girl adaugo comes thru and checks me out with bacardi limon in a water bottle - she's discreet! lol we laugh like old times are of the now before leaving for the african american holocaust museum. that's where chase's gift - a heart disease charity event will be held. 9pm - 6am is the run of the event. this includes, movies, video games, team activities, facials and hand massages, food - food and mo food. by 3am, my call time for the stage, i am delirious. but my hostess and the non-profit founder dasha knows me well. she has purchased a venti sized white chocolate mocha (w/2% MILK) for this occassion. she is brilliant. but im still going crazy, so between performing and playing spades with remy, boo and dan (the man) i find my happy place. breakfast served @ 5am - but i decline. my hotel room is calling me loudly.

sat: just hours later. i awake because taalam is a hater! he's hungry and in need of internet access. im still sleep and speaking like a young man, deep voice that is. after talking with J and the baby. i decide to find my feet and walk my ass to the bathroom to get dressed for breakfast. we walk again to the diner heaven and fall into some french toast and eggs with mushrooms and tomatoes. the french toast reminds me that i miss brooklyn. or was it the early morning conversation with J. either way, i'm ready to go home. but we have an interview that we are already late for - and a gig in madison with my friend dave. after the interview (which they didnt i know i was there for -- niiiice) dave comes to save us and take us to madison. he arrives at my door ready to take my luggage to the car. but my luggage isn't ready at all. i forgot im flying out of madison the following morning, so i'm running around like a maniac. we finally get on the road and make it to madison - and hour and change away, missing our dinner reservations - but just in time for the event. we perform. i got open tab at the bar, so i find my happy place -- and am allowed a position as a judge for the slam. C-Love sits at the product table and is very efficient, though he keeps nudging the product to the side before i have to lay the smack down... lol -- after the show - which runs over time, before we are rushed outta there, we head to the weary travelerer. its like a bar with food. really. loud. and interactive. and WOW. the food is ok, the company is better - but the cold front that blows through the door every 5 minutes overshadows this beauty. i am happy when i say my farewells and head to the car - knowing that the hotel bed awaits me.

sun: really just hours later. i am packed and showered and ready for Dave to escort me to the airport. it's just minutes away from the hotel. i finally board and fall asleep instantly before i awake in detroit. with an hour layover, i have time to lollygag to my next gate. so i do. finding a starbucks on the way and grabbing a lemon poppyseed muffin, before settling near my gate. i laugh with J until they call me to board and i smile.

touch down in NYC. and i'm running mad. i have a sound check at 6pm in the village and it's 4pm -- still in Queens. damn. run to the cab stand, grab a taxi - only for him to get in a fight with the dispatcher. and then he drives away. only to stop minutes later and have to fix his flat tire. great. it's 420pm. he finally gets me home to kiss my daughter and my man by 440pm. he has seafood dinner waiting for me. i am more happy to see their faces. we eat and laugh at the SHOP for an hour. i change pants, brush teeth and run for the door @ 550pm. i am already late. but they are worth it. take the williamsburg bridge. cross houston to the village. find parking and am greeted by a young man asking for an autograph. dammit keith boogie! we walk in to groove and i check in with eska. she is set up on stage but has a look of despair on her face. the keyboard they provided is not what she expected. no worries. i grimace. let's ride to harlem. after beating off traffice on the FDR, we return to a standing room only house. we still have an hour to perform. which then turns to 2 hours. we finally get to get on the stage -- and its magnetic. we act up together. i love that woman. and we make it happen like whoa. and right when we are getting it together -- we are hurried to end the set because the house band has arrived and want their time to shine. dammit ginaaaaa! eska is just finishing her FIRST song, after our few minutes together and i want to cry. ray is apolgetic. the crowd loves her so much they beg for more. but the ego of the house band wins over, and i dont even have enough fight in me for the long haul. so i hug everyone good bye. apologize to my girl and head home.

monday. we are going to breakfast. im still tired. but this is amari's day off -- so we are gonna do a lil something before i pass out, again.


grudges - 0
writing - picked up intensely
internet - you see what i did over the weekend, dang
happiness - found it

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Unknown said...

Daaaaang Mo! I wish I had your energy. Can I come with next time? I'll hide in your backpack. Glad your back home safe.