Thursday, February 02, 2006



meetings went incredibly well. stopped by urban word to pick up a package
then my thumb was snatched off by the damn elevator!

that's right - im typing to you with a damn near nub! huff -- ok. well i'm being dramatic. but i mean it. it was that close! had K-Swift not been there to pry the door
off my thumb i would be like the 9 finger character in the movie Snatch. then that would mean the only life left for me would be crime.

and im not such a good liar - so i would have to always get away with it - or kill anyone who might finger me, ahem. yea. so thanks for that irony gods. it was almost funny.

this morning. as i stumbled out of bed to move the car before the street cleaner and their posse gave me yet another ticket (i just paid that damn seat belt ticket like 24 hours ago, seriously, suspended license just won't fly) i decided to hit the coffee shop for a lil coffee and r&r or t&t (as type n type). the new office is beautiful. but i have to figure out a better schedule, as i took on a new teaching assignment for the next 3 months and i don't want to pay for something that i never get any use out of...

my gym membership. yea. CRUNCH this!
my blow dryer: im tenderheaded, dammit...
my rice cooker: i love rice and it was a really good idea at the time.
my roast cooker: again, a good idea and it came with the foreman grill for only 10 bucks MORE!
clothes: that i never wear. most of them went to the katrina victims thouhefty amount of -- promise (is what id like to call it) sitting on my chair, in my daughter's closet & in the new 24 gallon tupperware cannisters that i bought to hide my shame.
paint: for the house. uhh - i was a bit over ambitious with this one. my bad

anyway. so im here. and instead of editing through countless submissions to his rib ( and instead of readying my newest edit of Unlikely and Other Sorts (my new book of short stories) -- i am blogging, surfing and catching up on myspace.

i need a 12 step program... i mean really.

bklyn's shame

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