Monday, June 19, 2006

bklyn sun'n

i have so much to talk about. and now, finally, more time to do so. workshops are over. and now, i have a couple of intensives that have popped up -- making the idea of a restful summer very possible.

re-editing the book for the last time as it goes to press and will be ready for purchase on july 5th! how about that?! check the artwork below, my peoples from inua created something more beautiful than im sure i am ready for -- but hey. rock on!

but until then im going back to sin sin for the house party. its really small and a bit awkward. but i miss moving to rhythm because i can. my ankle was pretty swollen the next day - but the exercise was necessary. and i miss that. laughing because it feels good. allowing fluid to become those joints that i forget exist.

so yea. that's where i'm at. practicing my team for nationals - i made coach this year. and putting the feng in my shui after amari makes her way to cali for the summer. i will miss her deeply. when she sleeps over her god sister's house, i always gush over her. she looks at me in that, "uh - -get over it!" way. but she's brilliant in her 8 year old way. somehow, she talked me into participating in career day for her school and jive and i went and convinced about 5 classes into becoming poets. better than drug

keep it funky,

BK to the fullest


Unknown said...

Girl I love you and your ways.I CAN NOT WAIT for the rest of the book. I was lovin' the first part. I'm so glad we're friends. I just wanted to say Thankyou, for being you.

joey said...

Hey MO! you sound sooo "MO" here! I do love all of you but this...THIS...'back-in-action-MO' is definitely a fav.
I'm with Teetee...thank you for being you!

my coffee is always said...

CANNOT WAIT........ !!!!!!!!! CANNOT WAIT.......... !!!!!!!!!
love ya.. Evil miK