Tuesday, June 13, 2006

working some words out: in the absence of words pt 1

here's the first part of a piece i'm fallin for.

hope it makes you feel something, and if it doesn't i ain't doing this thang right...

in the absence of words

you looked just like you do now
brilliant and beside yourself
i love it when you do that

pretend this life of words is
all it's cracked up to be
when we all know the truth

stretch your forearm into the sunlight
block blessings if you dare
but know this shine is what we were

allow it to break free
allow us to just be beautiful
and then

the words will make sense
though no poetry will exist
we are beyond metaphoric confinement

i swallow you sideways and spit out the seeds
who's fuckin' with that?


Shelle said...

"...we are beyond metaphoric confinement....i swallow you sideways and spit out the seeds"
damn mo.
is goot
is goot

Anonymous said...

no one is fuckin' with that!

and I love your words, did you know that? Oh, you did? Well, good then.