Thursday, June 22, 2006

WIP - untitled...

so this week has been a bit tumultuous to say the least. but as is life. i am just blessed i have someone that understands me enough to not hold, the internal strife i keep for my friends, against me. i am beyond the airing of dirty laundry.

while sometimes, it is necessary. the real change happens with self. and even i can't, in all my bad-assed-ness, change how he treats her. i can just help pick up the pieces when he fuks up and dust her off before she does one of two things:

a) go back to the man that can't see the beauty and loyalty in this woman or b)leaves him because she recognizes the beauty in herself is worth preserving. either choice, i got her back.

so -- back to the poem. ahem:

Wind don’t bow to trees

Instead it leans into mountains
Carving ideas out of dust
Swimming particles into the
Spreading the word

Love should never be a metaphor

Should never hurt to say
You are my life
Mean the world to me
Make me feel whole

And safe
And it should never cancel out one part
To make sense of the other

There are no boundaries to create/to cross

We must live like this was our last chance to
Smell the air

Taste the paprika/swallow milk with fervor

Love yourself then love me back without restraint

But restrain yourself

Tempt anger with sweets

Look in my eyes, see the honesty

Know it’s home

Carry a key in your left pocket for safe keepin’

But if you should ever wonder;

Then don’t.

This heart was never built on false hopes
Collapsing under your judgment
We are a deck of cards
Turned house to shack to pile of distrust

Find in yourself what you argue reflects in me
Then ask me if I was dreaming when I spoke a name
So unfamiliar to my tongue it tripped, stumbled
And laid waiting for you to pick it up
Dust it off
Claim it your own

But you blamed the wind
Harbored ill feelings for those storms
Of past turbulence

Scared this would be a repeat
Boarded the house with wood planks

Scurried past roots laid before you

This shouldn’t be a surprise

You’ve gambled life, in the planting of yourself

But don’t fault my strength as a shortcoming for woman:
That can’t listen
Won’t comply
Won’t lie and take it
Take it to make you feel bigger

Fists enclosed around flesh don’t make you man
It’s makes you weak

Leaves you bare
Wicker palm to the sky
Waiting for answers
To questions you have yet to form
Pointing half-hazardly with sharpened tongue
We don’t take confrontation well

Will fight if we must
But rather love
Rather build homes
And babies
Maybe an army

But definitely, a future
With children holding your eyes in each palm
Your penchant for sweets
Your compassion and calmness

But if you must argue
Tread lightly,
Ready for what follows

We were built as this force for a reason

And we won’t bow
Not even for the mountains


Movie Diva said...

Hey there,

like your words..also a poet and blogger. Check me out here and tell me what you think...

Shelle said...

damn mo, i got choked up reading this
i wish women knew
i wish men would understand

Anonymous said...

I love you like ramen noodles. The only thing that keeps the belly at peace.

Working out the phone situation. Will call you as soon as I do.