Tuesday, June 06, 2006

umm, ok...

it's 6am... i felt creative for the first time in a while...

the walls spoke of your infidelity
but i ignore the creaks that houses make during settling
look past the paint peeling, you're ugly
understand this is what comes with the years

wear and tear
all these realtor friendly words slamming flesh
to floors hysterically
as if they have any idea of how tired these bones are from smiling
so hard
we'd laugh instead
ignorant to the bliss that doesn't exist
till enamel chips

i am left ragged
spewing some old maid's tale about cats
when the simple fact is,
i really love cats
more than you at times

wonder why i sleep near them more than you
these days?

pet their fur, free their fangs of wooden remains
and carpet shreds
rub their stomach
wait for the purrs to drive me insane
content with being appreciated and loved
slick insides intact
expectation-less this body sits
free to touch my pussy
without your eyes pleading

machismo: uncertainty bridging the silence
fallacle gods taunted by the feline
svelte canal of form -- fitting hour glass and candlesticks
countered by whimpers of omission
begging of understanding
of what this all means

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