Monday, February 12, 2007

like this tree

i will grow

i will provide shelter

and shade

comfort and security

but i need to be fed love

sweet candy and hugs

throw your arms around my middle

no matter the thickness,

tell me the good things as much as you remind me

of my weeds, my dirty soil, my sticky roots

shower me with more than hailstorms and thunder clouds

bad weather is obvious - the forecast predicted if its worth it,

there's work to do

so, shine me the warm sun of your smile

because i deserve to feel appreciated too...


Unknown said...

yes ma you do...never forget that.

you have to be one of the most amazing, talented, knowledgeable, sweet natured but also fierce in your soldier like stance, holding in your your fingertips the the soft touch of a mothers hands...all the while fighting for what you know is right and the best friend I've ever had. happy valentines day lovey. smile stong all day and into the night too.

Ebony Stewart said...

Never posted before, but read this and knew I had too.
Dido to Tee, and I love your webpage.
These words in close did it for me:
"because i deserve to feel appreciated too..."

Thank you

Shelle said...

this piece is so empowering mo...speaks volumes of beauty just like you.

Anonymous said...

Wow...I've had the pleasure of watch you grow. Your words have always struck a chord with me, but you are getting deeper each time I check in.
Your words is all I have of you at the moment, so I love them more than most. Miss ya. Tell me if you have any shows in London. B