Tuesday, April 03, 2007

for dike

this is the poem i wrote and read at the dedicated showcase in manchester...

a dear friend, dike omeje

you had a way that stood out in the darkness

hands firmly yielding a beer

as you spoke of your alter ego

a way with words,
you were

super, intense with minefields
of metaphors

your craftmanship - unmatched
and so

it will be you words that hold us warm

freshen our memories with glistened tears
stars will

tear across the sky everytime

your image is spoken

and ideas birthed in your name
will appear in the next lifetime

i imagine...
you'll still be the admirable man

with a soul-searching stare

a penchant for gangsta rap, fast cars

and a spirit that always cares about the word

i imagine...
the syllables formed will remain just as magnetic
as the first time we realized
were put here to remind
that greatness Is possible

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