Tuesday, April 03, 2007

witching hour

news headline:

Creole-Jewish Long Island Teacher-Lauren Berrios-Fired by Christian principal for Witchcraft?

this is what i came with... an exercise, if you will.

witching hour

when the clock strokes midnight
i will whisper you a reason
keep my bosoms to the moonlit wind
and wax your feverish breathing

most men run from thunder, so dark
it slits a permanent crease into the
so we forgive the masculine soul for
fearing the unknown

and still you wonder of what lies beneath
these dressings
where i lost a grip on his fingers
misplaced his first digit and thumb
like a roll of quarters

close your mouth, help
me find them

before the sun follows our movement
from slumber
copy my fingerprints, you carbon man
awake with fire on tongue

curse me holy
before tossing my teachings to the dust
this womb
was built
to understand

1 comment:

Unknown said...

i learn so much every time i read your writing.... this one was especially wonderful. : )