Monday, April 02, 2007

ugh, argh & other indistinguishable noises

air india really sux
no really...
26 hours later than originally planned,
i make it home

i want to tell you all about how i met
some really amazing people as we ran thru terminal
to terminal, trying to find a way home -- after
air india overbooked, by almost 2 dozen seats...

i want to tell you how i cried at the mention
of amari while on stage - or how i talked to him
until they wanted to charge me extra dough for a
promnised then reneged - international call...

how i brought my mum a teapot... or how i almost
got into a scuffle with a pissy 14 year old that
thought it was funny to kick my seat.

but im tired/have class/will do it tonite.




I just love the way you present yourself. I have a few questions for you concerning publishing, if you have the time please respond... I will e-mail you from an e-mail which ends in


my coffee is always said...

was wondering when you get back... laughed about you and your loyal ways over lunch... can't wait to see you...