Wednesday, April 04, 2007


i never suspected i was one of those women that lost herself
in her mate. forgetting her friendships and sisterships and
independence. but now. after watching friends fall out of the
sky when their single and hibernate with their dating... i think
i can learn a thing or two about space. so i turn off the phone
at a certain time. i try not to pick up in the middle of our
conversations. i restrain myself from playing security officer,
psychiatrist and personal cheerleader. this is new for me. but
so needed. because at the end of the day. he has my back. he holds
me down. and while i love my girls. they're willingness to share
their lives with me has blessed me so... however. i've learned from
them the art of priority shaping.


Unknown said...

i'm feeling you

Caits Meissner said...

Caits is feeling you too (hi teetee!), but remember... we're always here. It just might take a day or two ;)