Tuesday, November 30, 2004

beckoning beauty

went to that hip hop class in the cityfelt old as hell!it was entirely too fast, though i did learn how to successfully do the "chickenhead"... isnt that great?todays class was dope. my kids are preparing for their final show and they are incredible. both classes!book is coming out on the 15th! can't say that enough!!amari gets to go on another field trip on thursday. this kid thang is expensive! i wish someone would've given me a memo! i might've stocked up on vacation hours or something! hell...i miss my grandmother. we had fun during thanksgiving. she is such a trooper. i miss coco too... i always miss her though. working on a new poem. someone told me putting on my site that i wanted to have a nude pic of myself was sinful... i told him -- i just want to love myself like...like...like HE loves me... how he loves every roll, stretchmark and blemish amazes me again and again.

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