Sunday, November 28, 2004

new day...

feeling good
we starting our business
jive and i argue about everything
this included -- what's new?
cali was cool
poetry lounge was dope
ran thru that spot with my people's damon
he's in the navy
we argued about that the whole ride from san diego
to los angeles

it was women's nite. my girls thea and bridget grey were hosting
a couple of other ladies were as well...april i remember -- she has a cool sound. and a systa named Tamala...
thea ripped it! she had a beautiful poem about being married, stressing and stuggling with her husband artist/poet/mc GAKnew and how it all was worth it! i love them man! they make me believe in love -- especially in this f-d up game called poetr (congrats on the nu baby ya'll!).
i couldnt stay long -- so i didnt get to hear bridget (but then i also got there late)... however, running into george was great ("he seasons the meat") and hollering at molly was real.
overall: it was cool. even if damon and i argued the next 120miles back to San Diego about the state of woman hood and my responsibility to the drama... i believe, i have no responsibility to the poets -- but to the people.
he believes i am an artist and somewhat in this limelight, that makes it my responsiblity to be extra nice to artists who may feel intimidated by me. i disagree. it was a long nite. thanks for the convo damon -- but i still feel you are off ya rocker on that one! but thanks for the jack n the crack!

anyway -- so now im back in nyc.
taking dance lessons so i can have a freekin' hobby again!
arguing with jive as usual...but i have a couple of shows im looking for to... my dec 4th poetic theatre class is having their final show. my hip hop poetry class is having their final show on dec 13th @ the bowery and im in jerz wit my peoples mike and my big cousin likwid...

tell me what you doing?

anyway, now im back in

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