Tuesday, November 16, 2004

but i cant sleep
had a bit of a obstacle today
gave a woman more credit than she deserved
i realize, she's no better than the dirty dick men i wind up hating
she's no longer a woman i trust, respect and oh yea, did i say trust??
i would call her a slut... but that doesn't mean much
her soul is transparent -- which is worse in my book
i would call her a bitch -- but that doesn't mean anything either
women today, pride themselves in that stupid acronym (Being In Total Control of Herself)
so i will call her traitor
she's the type of female that makes REAL women look bad
we shudder when we see her coming
not because she is dressed nice
an unsubtle flirt
or even charismatic
but because she is a disgrace to all women
sister bonds are no longer formed because of women like her
that's why there are drag outs and name callings from across dance floors
when other women fondle, touch or make advances to someone's lover

these fights ensue, not because we are afraid of losing our significant others
(that's the surface -- important, but invalid in this case)
but because we are saddened to know that another person, who possibly could be or may have been in the same position as us,
isn't considerate enough to think of the pain that their actions will cause.
we pride ourselves as nurturers, protectors and sometimes even saviors.

"Im not slimy like that" she might mutter
don't believe her. she will slip your trust in her pocket like a catholic priest.
it is now that i am honest about what i am capable of.
and what i am not capable of.
i can not be a friend to all women.
though i wish i could -- i think it best for my sanity that we share a mutual respect
and if that can not be conquered -- the only loss is her place in a strong and loving woman's heart.

i feel sorry for her.
she is alone, her friends are probably mistrusting of her as well
and the man she sleeps with will wake up one day and smell the liar on her tongue.
her days as mental prostitute will become long and hardened
as she shows her emotions for a quick thrill.
she is easily forgotten.
and now, i know how it feels to be duped by a woman.


Larry said...

Very good stuff! You're a true talent Mo. Your thoughts aren't overly analytical or artfully pretentious. It's just real stuff, kinda like, "Life For Dummies." The time has finally come that I can no longer crack anymore ovary poem jokes. :(

Goldiloxx said...
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