Friday, November 19, 2004

new: jezebelle's journey (a work in progress)

She’s asked the heavens for answers
With borrowed breathe
Why you ain’t make me something better?
Something more?
Just something?
Cobblestone corners house her esteem
So she pours liquor down her throat
in attempts to forget
this is her life has been & always will be
if you dont change
cause change don't come for free
and freedom is more than just what you speak,
its what you do
how you live
what you give

Too afraid to define
Her own self
She creates this
Reincarnation of jezebel
Fish netted too high heels
Fitted like glass slippers two sizes too small
Cause fairy tale divas don’t exist
Don’t know how pain taste
Can’t smell love
Just dry Blood
curldled inside pinched cheeks
her teeth sucks when she sees success
shadow of self doubt hide in her psyche
psyched herself out of living her real dreams

so now she daydreams
between stanzas and paragraphs
finds herself stalking shadows
she knows nowthis is how it feels to be insane, unkept
like weeds smothering the rose
when buds were just beginning to form
Uninterested in planting seeds
More concerned with fertilization
That’s why she hates the trees
Envious of their graceful bend
Too weak to penetrate their roots
She’s watched them dance with the wind
Too closely, perhaps
Their permanence unattainable
And she feels it in her speech
So she speaks sideways
Keeping her eyes hidden from their shade
Forgetting cracked hands like these
Once embraced each other

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