Tuesday, November 23, 2004

holiday cheer

im in san diego
got a pedicure
i have a show at da poetry lounge in la tonite
its the west coast version of the nuyorican
except -- its usuall y free to get in
and its much more theatrical...

im kinda tired
will be driving to the bay area first thing in the morning
my sister has ANOTHER dog
he is a mountain of hair and dog smell
she named him after our deceased grandmother (oh boy)
im ready for peach cobbler
turkey and to be back home in bklyn

random thought:
i was talkin to this young man
and its funny
he says he believes in love
yet -- he goes about finding it
totally wrong...
i mean -- if you are looking for everlasting love
you dont introduce yourself as
"i've been watching you all nite (shift manhood here)
and i think im fallin in love (again)."
i won't put his name on blast
cause he really is a good guy, just a bit distracted (to say the least)

so fellas for your holiday cheer, here are tips!
1 - been innovative. say something that is genuine -- but not something you've heard JERRY MAGUIRE say
2 - be exclusive. if you holler at her, don't holler at her friend within 10 minutes. it makes you look slimy and they laugh at your expense later.
3 - be honest. believe it or not, this works! if you just want a quickie (rarely -- but it happens) say ahead of time what you are and are not capable of! you don't want to find yourself with a wife and kids 2 years later, while you partake in cyber porn to dull the cheating sensation.
4 - be nice. assholes may have fun -- but they aren't the men we dream of. we dream of respectable men who value what a woman says and feels. screw that old time "nice guys finish last" -- those are the women you DONT want a relationship with... next thing you know, she wants you to beat her up before sex (and that's a whole nother blog)!

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mahogany l. browne

a couple of shows coming up:
dec4 - bdway - a workshop featuring my kids @ park west!!
dec 5 - Port Africa, Edison NJ
dec 8 - Barnes n Noble Wilton, CT
dec 9 - Fundraiser! NAPPI JAZZ BABIES (butta, mahogany and more)

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