Wednesday, January 19, 2005

loving it...

what it is people! i have been having one of those days, er, months, er years?
whatever. its funny as hell (well i have to laugh so i don't off somebody!)
but things are looking up. met with my people's claudia this morning. had tea and toast with lemon curd (i know - had no idea it was the bomb either) and we talked about the politics of poetry. life and loving your art so much that you will quit everything that comes close to stifling its growth -- people included. finishing up the book destroy... and i go record for the album ...something beautiful next week. i'm real open! feel like singing (off key) ain't no mountain high enough! ahem.

also feeling good about working with some systa's dasha from milwaukee and sonya from dc. we have this women's show we are working on... after dwayne crossed our paths -- we couldn't just let the fire die between us. too black. too woman. to strong. what!?

i feel like i died and went to poetic heaven. got a no seatbelt ticket yesterday. pissed about that. finally cleaned out my email box. tossed the trash away -- kept only positive emails. still thinking about how to be the bigger person. some people can bring out the worse in you, but i digress. live is good. live is good. it is -- i know it is! amari has a field trip to the UN tomorrow and i have submitted a package for their women's conference this year. cross ya fingers for me! counting down the days til im in london again. owe my girl sammy some jivvy corn bread boxes! and i'm a woman of my word.


Malatz said...

We are also counting down the days,cant wait to see u!!
Elaine and baby will be in London too.
Looking forward to eating some corn bread!
Miss u!

Mahogany L. Browne said...


tell everyone hey! i swear, ya'll are the coolest cats in LONDON! save a couple of peeps like Tuggs (yayyy!) and shortman! (yea, i spelt the name wrong! LOL) and nii of course. also, ebele and inua (he's so gifted)... thank you for making london such a pleasant memory... you will never know how much it means to me. cya soon!