Tuesday, April 26, 2005


been at the hospital
prep'n for the surgery tomorrow
blood work
running back and forth on crutches
torture...but it's half over

had class tonite. it was wonderous. my classmates
are so cool
and thoughtful and intelligent
it's scary! they make me want to learn more
and the editing process isn't as bad as
i thought (anymore!) LOL

had class yesterday.
very dope session with my girls.
will share more of that later.

made it to the Bar 13 Team finals, by .10 of a point - i think...
feeling really inspired
and my pores are poppin' with ideas
and i want to try to make this work...

this life i've created
this is where it all begins

big show coming up on May 22nd.
jive and i put together an incredible lineup

that's right. we headed to the top kid...
get it right! time to take ova the world.
its only fair that i warn you... im takin'
no PRISONERS. none.


my coffee is always said...

Mo Congratualtions on making the finals.... I knew you would.... Did you do the new piece? The Austin kids apparently didn't fair very well this year, as the e-mail from their representative put it "they had an incredible weekend". I am sure that they had a good time. Congratulations to your team!!!! I put in some time writing a bit.. So the "rain" time was productive in the end. I see that you haven't gotten the pins out yet. Let me know how that goes... much love to you, my mirror sister, mentor friend and one badass poet... miss you much..

Anonymous said...

Hey sister...just wanted to let you know our thoughts are with you through your surgery...be sure to let us know how it goes. also hit the site to check out pics of aipf in the album!

jo (mrs.bfran2B)

Amanda Johnston said...

MO, I tried to post earlier but it failed. Now that I think of it, my post fail a lot on your site. Damn FBI!! You will not stop our communication! Keep doing you baby girl! I love to see awesome people make their own way.

Congrats, manda

Mahogany L. Browne said...

thanks ya'll. imma check out the pics JO, aka msBran LOL. and amanda - sorry bout the post. it has been acting funny for over 2 months... dammit. send me your comments via email and i'll post em if need be.