Sunday, April 24, 2005

the trenches or many faces of wackness

i have a show at a girl's group home. this is where they send the girls sentenced to jail instead. really great bunch of young ladies (i saw them last month). unfortunately, the woman in charge - is crazy wierd. i don't get her. its like she don't even believe in the kids. a wack thing to notice while you are there to tell these souls that this mistake isn't the rest of their life. they can make a difference if they just change their path. i told her last month "you have some real thinkers here" and they really are incredible. the poems they wrote personifying handcuffs were gut-wrenching... sad, intense and real. they lived through the fire and put it on the page. i told the "warden" of their genuis and she acted as if i were talking of aliens. real wack. so, im headed back there. i mean, jus cause she's wack don't mean these young girls should suffer - even more. flub dat!


poetesscrystal said...

remember the story in the Bible where Jesus kissed the dead boy and told him to "Get up!" and he did. And all the coffin carriers got upset because he was taking thier job away from them (carrying the dead)? This staff person reminds me of them, her job is to carry the dead or in other words, keep these young women down as long as she can. She gets paid to do that. If all of a sudden these young women began to grow and move forward, she would have no job. So this is why she is the way that she is.

There are lots of people in our community who are "coffin carriers". Our job is to put them out of business!

Mahogany L. Browne said...

well put.