Saturday, December 24, 2005

as of late:

my favorite words/phrases are:

damn dawg! (like damn gina!!!)

flesh (i like how it feels - the teeth to lip moment)

what the hell!? (just as it sounds)

kick rocks (as in beat it)

bitch (it always comes back when im home. i feel horrible about that one)

i can't stand yo azz! (just as it sounds)

thank you, asshole (lovingly, of course)

janky (ex: he was acting janky with the dough. as in stingy)

christmahanzakwannukah (season, obviously)


Danyel said...

I like that last one.

my coffee is always said...

what about one of your oft used:
"quit akin l'ght skinned." ?

Mahogany L. Browne said...

it was politically incorrect. i didnt wanna hurt people's feelings neither.

my coffee is always said...

i understand. it was a good call.