Saturday, December 17, 2005

fell in love

with the kids from ps 115

must see these: don't wait -- just do it!

MAD HOT BALLROOM: i love this joint so much i showed it to amari and had her swing dancing and all! it was so beautiful and i laughed so hard. he thought i was nuts to even rent it. til he walked in and found himself transfixed with the whole process. it showed NYC public school system at an all time high! they were caring and beautiful and i loved every minute of it! :)

BORN IN BROTHELS - i cried like a punk. the photography is incredible. and the stories behind the kids are painful -- and marriage ofthe two is disgustingly beautiful.

MURDERBALL -- this took me awhile to see. i heard so many great things about it -- that i had to wait to see it so i wouldn't judge it to harshly!

hurry up and get 'em!

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