Wednesday, December 14, 2005

bootleg wednesdays

that's what i've named the nuyo open slam on wednesdays.
the night i host

this is the night that i give out bootleg dvd's to the audience.

that said. i am working on 2 articles and 2 installments for: book

also -- i am sketching out the details for my Battle DVD set

and: writing the proposal for $ for JAM

we need it. if you got it. give it.

been thinking:
when the songs became the rhythm
that flows like we do in summer
i wonder
how these days fall dim
and the most fly sin
cause it's warmer than sidewalks in summer
block hot babies double dutch
like ropes and i hope this remains
in your clutches like dollas
it meets the light of all things
the truth can be seen
if you focus instead of pointless screams

yup. i'm a rapper. decided that just now. lol that would be my freestyle! no type back son! album bout to be out. i have a couple of collabos that i'm waiting to process. and vegas witchcraft has produced some beautiful sounding ish mannnn, i tell ya!

but im not touring this one, fam. you can cop it from the new website (which will be done sooner than you think!) but the blog will still be in effect. trust me. where else would i rant and rave and still have friends afterwards?


best of bklyn

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Anonymous said...

Miss you like Boston Baked Beans and jelly shoes. how u been lady? Hope the sun is shining on your side of the street and warming the lap Amari will jump in today! Luv Luv & More LUV!!!!

Sonya renee but only on Wednesday!