Wednesday, May 24, 2006

gotta catch up

books i've gotten but have yet to read (insert sigh here):

house on childress street - family memoir (by my friend kenji)
artist's way (thx christa)
bell jar by sylvia plath
yo by julia alavrez
hollering creek woman by sandra ciscernos (and a book of poems)
edible woman by margaret attewood
writer on writing by m.a.
100 million pieces by you know who

and 3 other attewood books!
want to reread even dogs go home to die. and pearl cleage's deals with the devil...

i will be taking a trip to kansas city friday evening, so i will have a great chance to finish atleast two books... which is way cool.
countdown for summer. 3 more weeks of classes, then i have nothing. just me myself and him. amari will be soaking up the cali sun and i will be bklyn bound. jam on it will be running as well as our new open mic in bklyn @ good morning blue

looks like its gonna be a busy one


my coffee is always said...

Which side? Kansas or Missouri? Good books.. i did like million littel pieces... have fun...

Shelle said...

i like the selection of books, too...Sylvia is a favorite of mine. picked up Artist's Way, hadn't started it yet.
man do u need that countdown to summer or what?! but seems you still we be running crazy, at least now you can soak up some "me" time....
much love

Anonymous said...

you said at nuyo all you do is watch tv and go on myspace...reading is a good alternative to those!!!!!!

the bell jar is amazing

i just finished running with scissors by augusten burroughs. if you likes stories about dysfunctional families (who doesnt??) would really love it