Monday, May 15, 2006

what's the difference?

difference between poets and emcee's... i've worked with both extensively. as a producer of the hottest battles for the underground emcee (before fight klub & 106 & park -- but after blaze, resectfully). and as a poet on tour - full time for the past 5 years. its hilarious, the similarities. the shyt that makes them both nutty, besides the fact they are both roles in an artform revered. i dunno... peep it. add some of your own if you like. i dont give a F&K!

the difference:
poets are allowed to be sensitive and smile -- emcees are expected to be growling animals ALL THE TIME (minus my lil bro PEN PEN - huggy bear of this rap shyt!)

poets can't get dat huge endorsement (minus b. grey) dat rappers and basketball players have benefited from. Wheaties doesn't see the million dollar venture in a stanza, just yet!

poets that move crowds of 1000 plus can walk thru an airport with someone saying "boo" whereas even a booty rapper (see Nick Cannon pre-WILD n OUT) waits for the paparazzi at the pretzel stand in JFK Airport.

poets still have to endure the bizarre questions of "can you rap? well, can you" or even worse "do you sing poetry?!"


poets do have just as many groupies as rappers (even the poorly written pompous poets get booty offerings).

poets have egos. huge ones. just like rappers. even if it's unwarranted. ( i mean just because you went platinum dont mean your good. it means your label bought a lot of albums. and just because you won a slam doesnt mean you are better than anyone else. it means you had a good night.)

more to come... family feud is coming on!

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my coffee is always said...

what? we get offered booty? like the pirates? naw... i understand... i work at being humble, 'cuz i know i'm not that hot.. a little luke warm at times, but not hot. being humble about the craft does not go over well either, at times, you are accused of "false modesty" a means of milking the moment. and slamming. my gosh. i am often concerned, because if the "wrong person" beats me, uhhh.. i have to live with "them", not me. because i'm "smart" enough to know the difference. often people forget it's a bar game. chess-like. ya know? at the end of the night as long as you left your heart on the stage that's a perfect 10 in my opinion... loved it.. want to read more.