Thursday, May 18, 2006

workshopping: NOOSE

personification exercise with my kids. this is what happened with my topic.


She spilled tears across my face
praised the heavens like
they could save her from my vengeful grip
i never start the madness
insteady they employ my unbiased hands to do their dirty work
and all she did was dance in the night
turned apples to cider
when moonlight slumber couldn't keep her
and i watched
sure they would trail her footsteps of freedom to a halt
and sometimes
i moved with her
let the wind carry my torso like paper
like feathers
like lover's hearts a flutter
i moved for her
until i heard their footsteps
watched them snatch away her smile
stifle her spirit
bound by fear until she dangled
in my reach
whispering my grip wouldnt block her view of the moon


joey said...

i hear you spittin' both of these...powerfully

Shelle said...

strong piece, mo, damn.